Friday, 31 October 2014

We are introducing new innovative technologies in the Indian market

Construction Opportunities, the construction equipment magazine if of the opinion that India is currently among the most dynamically growing construction equipment markets in the world. The current annual growth rate is 30 per cent and from 2014 to 2020 the Indian equipment market is estimated to grow six times to a size of $20-25 billion. Owing to the decline of the Indian Rupee, a large number of road projects face slowdown. RAMESH PALAGIRI, MANAGING DIRECTOR AND CEO, WIRTGEN INDIA spoke to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES, the construction equipment magazine on his company’s growth plans and they plant to weather the slowdown in the road equipment sector.
Construction equipment MagazineConstruction Opportunities, the construction equipment magazine finds out Wirtgen India’s plans for 2014 and how they plant to bolster the product portfolio: At  Wirtgen  India, we are  looking  towards  strengthening   our  market position by  increasing  our  sales   and  service  network   and  also offering  new  products  to  the  market. We  are   also  introducing   innovative  technologies   to  Indian  market like cold   milling  and  recycling and   have  already  initiated  many  steps  in  this  direction the   results  of   which  are  seen  coming.
Plans to expand your manufacturing   base in India: We will start  producing  the  Kleemann  range  of  crushing  and  screening  plants   for  Indian  market  by   January  2015. We  have   also  launched  tandem  rollers  for  the  Indian  market, further  to our  first  Indian  product – soil compactors   and  would  shortly   also    start  producing   Vogele   pavers   for   the  local   market in  India.
Construction Opportunities, the construction equipment magazine finds their expectations from the new political dispensation:  A lot of projects are stalled and overall the road equipment sector is experiencing a slowdown. Also  the  depreciation of  Indian Rupee by over  20 per cent in  the last quarter, has  further  impacted  these  projects. The  new  government  formed post  elections ,  would  be  expected  to  address   the  issues  in  this  sector  like  long  term  funding for  road  projects,  faster land  clearance  and  also  introducing   more  stringent  prequalification  criteria  for  contractors  who  are  bidding  for  road  projects.

Construction Opportunities, the construction equipment magazine find out the specific steps the government must take to ensure growth:

Growth acceleration can be ensured if the Government proactively pursues a good mix of both BOT and EPC projects.  I believe the acquisition  of   additional  land   together  with  enforcement  of  the  new  Land  Acquisition  Bill  will  contribute  to  ease   the  existing  situation  and  would  pave  the  way  for   faster  implementation  of  projects . Written offers appropriate solution for every application. It has the world's largest range of recycler and soil stabiliser products. The company has launched the WR 240, the new generation of cold recyclers and soil stabilisers in India which stands for top quality on every job.  

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